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Cuckoo Clocks Mechanical Clockwork

At the House of 1000 Clocks you will find 100% Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks from traditional clockmakers in the Black Forest that are known worldwide for their craftsmanship. Our company is a member of the german association "Verein der Schwarzwalduhr", and we guarantee that our products are all certified, VDS Cuckoo Clocks.

  • A mechanical Cuckoo Clock is usually a wall clock, with a mechanical Pendulum, a set of chains to wind the clock, and a mechanical clockwork
  • The clockwork is driven by metal weights. One weight is for the cuckoo, and one drives the clockwork itself. If the clock has a third weight, a little musical cylinder is played after the cuckoo call
  • Some mechanical Cuckoo Clocks have a 1-day clockwork built into them, which means that the chains are pulled once a day, and other mechanical Cuckoo Clocks have an 8-day clockwork (chains are pulled once a week).
  • The accuracy of the clock is controlled using the APS-Pendulum, which provides a quiet, restful ticking sound..
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