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Cuckoo Clocks featuring Hunting scenes

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Show 1 to 21 (of in total 90 products)

Cuckoo Clocks featuring Hunting scenes

The red deer - an icon of the Black Forest

On a crisp and misty fall morning a hunter and his dog are walking though the dusky Black Forest. It is still very quiet, only the drops of morning dew patter down on the leaves. All of the sudden, there is a crackle in the underbrush. A red deer with magnificent antlers emerges only a few meters from the hunter. Their eyes meet. The deer passes silently and disappears in the dense woods. The deer has been lucky today.

Many cuckoo clocks are adorned by a male deer and one or several female ones, a hunter and hunting utensils:
  • A small deer in front of the Black Forest house.
  • A carved deer head with antlers (in many different colors - raw wood, brown, black and white, pink and white, blue...)
  • Carved rifles and a hunter's bag
  • Hunter and dog
  • Classic or modern - for any taste and generation

Many of our Cuckoo Clocks are adorned with one or more deer, stags, hunters, and the different hunting tools, as well as hunting scenes set in the forest.


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