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Short Videos


From Triberg to the World – The Black Forest Clock – For the last five generations

When you hear „The Black Forest“, it immediately comes to mind. Not just the famous Black Forest cake. No, the Black Forest Clock is known all over the world. This handcrafting and clockmaking has been a Tradition in the „House of 1000 Clocks“ in Triberg in the Black Forest for the last five generations. Inspiration is combined with Tradition, values, familiar Black Forest symbolism, and punctuality. These qualities are combined in the Black Forest clock as it travels to customers in countries all around the world. In short film, the owner and general business manager of the family business, Thomas Weisser, shares his thoughts about the beautiful Black Forest, the clockmaking Tradition and his visions for the future of the Black Forest. Enjoy the film!

The Production of a Cuckoo Clock

A film about the Cuckoo Clock, its production, history and origin. Experience in a short film the individual production steps, and watch the clockmaker up close. Invite a piece of the Black Forest into your living room, and take a short trip into the world of the Cuckoo Clock.

House of 1000 Clocks

Black Forest Tradition – Experience the glorious clock word in our stores with this quick overview of our selection of clocks and Black Forest gifts. Whether a cuckoo clock, wall clock, grandfather clock – the clocks are produced with world-famous Black Forest precision and high quality. That is original Black Forest Clockmaker Tradition!

House of 1000 Clocks – we are advertising ourselves!

A funny advertisement from our store:

House of 1000 clocks goes Ali Fox TV

The Chinese television broadcaster Ali Fox TV has frequented our shop. During their stay they made this little film spontaneously.

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